Prescot in 2015: Review of the Year

It’s been a monumental year for Prescot, and Owen Barton of the Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative has done a splendid job of summing up all the year’s achievements.

We’ve seen new businesses come to the town centre, from The Dance Shop and the irresistibly delicious Albion Bakehouse and the stylish restaurant 18 High Street to the toe-tappingly fantastic Dance Shop and an array of other small shops.

artscraftsThe Prescot Arts & Craft Fair has been one of 2015’s biggest stories, attracting hundreds of visitors every month to browse and buy from the best of local independent traders.

We’ve seen a hit production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at a time when plans for an Elizabethan theatre and centre of Shakespearean studies in Prescot come ever nearer to fruition.

prescot_shopfrontMeanwhile, the Townscape Heritage Initiative has invested thousands in restoring some of the historic town centre’s oldest buildings and shopfronts.

Click here to read more about the THI and what else has been happening in Prescot town centre in 2015.

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